i'm matthew knight. creative / strategist / explorer, based in London UK.

i'm head of strategy and innovation at carat uk, i'm a father of two, and curator of projects like the ones below:


exploring relationships which start with how you think, not how you look.

disposable memory project

a six year project losing cameras around the globe.


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It's Amazon Prime Day, again. →

Apparently it’s that time of year again – Amazon Prime Day returns.

Amazon Echo →

Amazon Echo is a device which sits on your shelf in the corner of your living room, office or kitchen, and then listens and reacts.

the 100

100 people, aged from 1 to 100. portraits of their lives.

edges of london

the end of every tube line, captured on camera.

a nice cup of ...

delivering hot drinks, over the internet.

the visual dictionary

typography. everywhere.


making data and privacy policies accessible