sob.. why am i *so* productive at this time of the morning?
i’m on such a strong tip at the moment.. zipping through the *very* thorough testing of o2.. but should go home so i can sleep, and then come back to do more during the day.. user testing tommorw..

*and* i have to get a fairly early night tommorow night (tonight.. tuesday night).. cuz i have my MRI at 9am .. just off russell sq..
means getting up at 8am.. gah :(

hmm… light at the end of the tunnel?
i think i’ve reached a point where i can stop adding.. and try and consolidate everything that’s currently in the application..

test, debug, usability.. and hand in.. guh!?
is that it?

no doubt the testing will show up missing things.. definatly in the applications.. i think the article library is fine, but the diary and dictionary needs stuff doing.. (oh.. and adding all the content to the dictionary.. oh fcuk… volunteers anyone? :)
maybe write a script which nicks it from the html?

a).. why am i the voice of reason

(when i am a screwed up fuck myself)

(people shouldn’t listen to me… i have no idea)

b).. why can i not work until this time of night

(i am a screwed up fuck)

(people shouldn’t be like me)

c).. why the toilet?

(i am screwed up, fuck)

(people i like, shouldn’t be)


listening to the fightclub soundtrack.. not that easy listening..

and erm.. yeah.. heres a mention of simon.

hmm.. i have the strangest feeling that i’ve forgotten to do something.. you ever get that?
can’t remember what. .can’t for the life of me think what.. perhaps a birtrhday? nope.
maybe a massively important document that i need to send (census.. but that’s not it)
a shower? well maybe.. but that’s not it either

hmm.. i’m sure it will come to me.. but, doh.. i hate that..

two days until my fMRI
one day until anarchy (knobs)
not enough days until deadline day (may 11)


now as much as i *love* meeting new people, making new friends – what i don’t really need at the moment is a security dood asking me how to partition a hard drive, and telling me about his son and pirating dreamcast games.. lovely man, i’m sure.. ‘bob’, but please, foad.. when someone looks away and continues to work – take a hint?

; hunts for nurofen

man.. just had a 1hr quake session.. now, i’m not really a quaker.. but have started playing it occasionally in the evenings.. and i do like it ;) i think its one of those things you start, and get hooked on.. i’m not that bad either.. get out a little pent up agression :)

die fuckers die..

am still going – probably have a kip at about 5.30, so i’m not dead all day tommorow…
sleep here so i don’t have to come all the way back :)

that’s why i love deepend.. where else, on a saturday night granted, could you go out for a curry with the creative director of the entire group (this is the man who started the company with two others), and have a really good laugh? i mean guffaw, loud, laughing.. not forced cuz he is the boss, but going out with mates.. that’s what kicks ass about depend.. (amongst other things of course)

now.. i need the loo.
nazrul’s curry.. hmm

ok.. i like it again now.. kinda
well, part of it.. just did the ‘upload your dream’ thing..
ha.. normally, i’m sure we’d book a week to build a forum, but tonight, the forum took about 1 hour to code, and then the shockwave side of things, 2ish.. and now, i have a lovely ‘upload your dream’ option…. of course, i still don’t have a edit or delete your dream in the movie.. heh.. i don’t even have a quit button yet :)

picky picky though…
really dont want to have to go to wolves on thursday.. it takes so much time out of my week. :(
we’ll see how i’m doing tommorow…

one more hour or so i reckon.. send off that new proposal for dotcam.

today.. i’ve reached the point where i don’t think my project is any good. i saw it all together as a project for the first time today, and its shit. doesn’t have the same ‘oomph’ that it should.. i’m adding in the ‘upload your dream’ thing tonight to give it a little more finesse.. but its shit.

bah.. that’s not good.. i need to find all the deadlines for the report in particular.. god knows when that has to be in.. probably the 12th or somthing bad like that.. oh deary me..

mellow music mood tonight.. well, singy not hardcore.. divine comedy moments definately.