just got back from hiran’s wedding thing.

it was pretty cool… nice food – who am i kidding, fucking lovely food, and then beer.. and then tequila… tee hee..

well, ok, lets start from the top.. where did i leave you??

right.. got on the train with thaddddddius maximus clitorus hummous, and took the 173817839129 minute journiey to ruislip. it wasn’t too bad.. not really, met line from liverpool street all the way to the middle of nowhere.. apparantly, we were in middlesex :)

after falling asleep on the train, we woke up in the right station (thank god).. and hung out in a ‘wine bar’ until the rest of the deep clan turned up (tom + 1, ghazwan, avril, jez, nick, pun + 1, sam, oh i’m sure there were probably more too)… when everyone was ready (At about 7.45… ie. 45 minutes after we were meant to be there :))))) we went and ate at hiran’s dooooo, it was a class affair, and the food was luuuuuverly, but we thought the night needed a little deep injection, so me thad and nick went down to the threshers to buy a bottle of tequila.. which seemed to go down well..

we rapidly ended up on the dance floor.. ghazwan and i seem to be quite a good rodeo team (no more said on that matter :D )

thad almost got into a fight “you’re talking to my girlfriend? your train is leaving now… fuck off”

“who is your daddy.. and what does he do?”

and before we knew it.. me, thad, avril, ghazwan, jez pun + lady, and nick are in ministry of sound largin’ it, and throwin’ shapes.. oooooooowa oooooooooowa.. and at fcuking 12.80 for two beers and a vodka red bull, you have to make the most of your ooooooooowa’s.

anyway.. its 4am now, and me and nick had just left, after deciding that an early night is probably a good idea. sunday was meant to be my trip to brighton.. but i think i’ll probably end up just lying around the lido in tootin bec..

cor.. i really should go to bed rather than spodding :D

night blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ;)


nope.. this isn’t hot.. this is silly

27C-30C.. its just silly

and i’m all suited and booted (well, kinda, my linen trousers, and (well, i would have worn my really lite cotton shirt if i could have found it, but ooooh no, nothing’s ever that simple is it? :) my black shirt

mmmm.. black, in this weather.. its the only smart shit i’ve got though.. i’ll need to go out and buy some posh clothes at some point.

hiran’s wedding reception do over in ruislip. yup, that’s right.. ruislip, ie, the other end of the central line to befnull

60 minutes in a moving oven. tee hee! what joy!

oh well, at least should be a good evening.


in case you hadn’t heard.. then again, if you have heard.. where *have* you been? amazing show.. i watched it at alisons last night. very good final programme.

hmm.. earlsfield isn’t too far from battersea, i can walk from battersea to town, and easily town to home.. i think i might try walking from alison’s to home next time i’m there. see how long it takes.. now that is stupidity :D

right.. best go call my travelling buddies.. see whether they’re ready to roast yet.

look at what my protege has done:


not bad for a designer considering he’s only been doing HTML for a few weeks.. thats what happens when you sit next to a guru :)

hmm. i gave up on getting the panasonic faq thing working.. bloody stupid.. i’ll figure it tommorow.. just the register and some pages left to build. all done otherwise.

can’t say much has happened recently, so i’ll sign off for now.. until something more interesting happens..

i love my house.

last night was funny. sitting around watching bigbro, and then commando.

me and greg had a groundbreaking idea this morning.. its our flooglebinder (maybe)

incendental music.. life would be so much better with incidental music..

think about it…

when walking home late at night, if you are going to get mugged, there will be tense worrying music, and you’d know to jump in a cab

when driving, you’d know whether to cruise slowly, or rip around town like a madman due to the electric 80s beat, or chilled drivetime action

when making love, you’d know whether to make slow romantic love, or pummel her brains out according to the overlaying romantic music, or chakabowwow porn track

you’d be able to make a million decisions by listening to the incedental music and judging the situation far better than in real life.

its pure genius.

we’re going to partner up with ‘Fate Inc.’ and make millions. or pounds.. one or the other…

what a cool weekend.

friday night was brilliant.. met up with kirsty, rachel and all their chums down at battersea park for jazz in the park. yes it rained, yes we hid under a tree, but yes i had a great time. we ended up in the mason’s arms, and then back to kirsty’s to play ‘shithead’ – which i still have no idea of the rules or aim of the game.

saturday morning.. and although 9am is far too early to wake.. i don’t think i actually got out of my makeshift bed until 11.30, just bumming around chatting and drinking quite an amazing banana milkshake (ta Al :) and then to carlito’s or carlucci’s or carponi’s or something or other (helen mirren’s favourite cafe either way) for lunch.. and several coffees. a little shopping and 1 pair of silver shoes later, my hangover was beginning to return. another drink perhaps :)

a quick jaunt to the circle, and ooooooh the sofa’s are comfy. some bizzarre sports playing on the cable.. and music.. very pleasant.. yet no hair of the dog.. i thought better of it.. lemonade :)

i departed with rachel left desiring a bikini for her and kirsty’s holiday which begins on wednesday, i thought it best to quit whilst ahead.. feeling marginally better. the tube journey home soon resolved that.. i felt like someone had twatted me with a diamond edged shovel. why is it always that when you just want to rest, you have a) so far to travel b) annoying kids infront of you singing ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ above the noise of the screeching at bank station c) no book to read because you left it in the kitchen of the aforementioned house d) PAIN e) PAIN f) PAIN?

strange world

saturday and sunday were spent in the majority either sleeping or watching crap telly and comedy videos in the company of abbie – which was equally as relaxing. there is a great deal to be said about this ‘and on the seventh day, god decided to invite being a lazy arse, and so he was’, and there is a great deal to be said about extending that to saturday afternoons too. and it is something that, personally, from a development point of view, is something which i feel i should do more often.

i hereby state, no more working on saturdays (until next week)

more lounging.

more lager (eek.. i’ve started drinking non-apple based bevvies)

more sleep (woo)

more on

right.. where’s my last fiver? i need to buy some ibuprofen

do you have those tunes which invoke memories so strong, its almost like you’re there again? it so wierd how music can do that.. then again, my memory is so bad, i’m listening to possibly one of my favourite tunes, but can’t for the life of me remember which memory is prompting. i know its a pleasant one.. quite a while ago too.

we’re in work at the moment – its lovely outside, which is quite a shame.. but i’m working on neworder. writing a really generic pubtool module. yeah, its taking me three times as long – but it will reduce the amount of work i ever have to do again. which is nice ;)


i’m back.. its been a while.. what with uni, and stuff and stuff.. but i’m gonna start updating a little more often now :)

of course now, we have ADSL at home – so no excuse. .every night before bedtime methinks etc.

here’s one to start us off:

PARTY FEAST …….. (#19.90) + #0.9 for extras

1x Bottle of Soft Drink (1.5 ltr)

1x Chicken Wings

1x Garlic Bread

1x Super Ham and Mushroom (TC) + Bacon

1x Super Pepperoni Plus (TC)