“can’t you be ill tommorow?”

well, no, not really, even if i was ill tommorow, i still, apparantly, wouldn’t be able to see a doctor.. our surgery is ‘full’. whoa. full? isn’t this the national health service, free healthcare to all regardless of colour, creed and religion? oh hold on.. yeah.. this *is* the national health service.. its more unhealthy than me. and thats saying something..

it is a shame, but still in comparison to the private healthcare systems of other countries, i really can’t complain.. if i break my leg, they’re gonna do something about it, not do a credit check first to see if i can pay..

however, all this NHS patriotism does french connection uk all good if i can’t register with a doctor.. the hunt begins.

meanwhile.. my stomach still feels like a cow is growing inside it.. probably that machine-reclaimed meat i ate the other day..

no more mcdonalds.. its bad mmmkay?

was at work until about 2am last night.. not working, just hanging out.. couldn’t be bothered to go home.. kind of a wasted evening. spent most of it on the phone in fact, but would have only been bored at home.. at least i was broadband bored here :)

i wonder if i can find an insurance company who will pay out on stubbed toes.. i’d be a billionaire.

things to do tommorow:

  • learn to bowl better
  • enrol on an italian course
  • write up all those ideas i have, but never get around to writing
  • early night (yeah right)

  • not one…

    not two….

    not even three…..

    but FOUR computers… four whole spanking shiny running computers..

    ok granted, only three are connected.. but i still think thats pretty kickass.. there are network cables running all over the hall, and a machine which sounds like it could take on concorde… but heh, lets face it.. geekhouse.

    we still need networked mp3 juke boxes though.. and a spodpoint in the kitchen..

    hmmm.. kitchen spodding

    There are many times when one will want to create a meal with an authentic flame grilled mesquite or barbeque taste, but not go to the expense and hassle of setting up a real fire situation. today, we provide you with two very simple methods:


    2/3 cup distilled white vinegar

    1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce

    1/4 cup soy sauce

    1 teaspoon hot pepper sauce

    1/2 cup barbeque sauce

    1 tablespoon ketchup


    1 In a medium bowl, mix distilled white vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, hot pepper sauce, barbeque sauce and ketchup. Place desired meat in the marinade, and marinate in the refrigerator at least 1/2 hour before grilling as desired.



    don’t use tinfoil in your oven, nor clean it if fat and grease has dripped on the bottom of the oven, preheat to 220C, and leave for 5 minutes. return to the oven, place your foodstuffs at the top of the oven, and wait for the black smoke to infiltrate your meal. remove, and enjoy with mayonnaise.

    i find the latter is more enjoyable, and often makes an interesting topic of conversation with your party guests as you stand in the street waiting for the fire engines to arrive.

    one ponders whether builders/roadworkers are genetically disposed to leering over women.

    i mean, i’m not averse to the pleasures of seeing attractive women.. who is? apart from people who are allergic to women or something, and people who like men, or … oh.. well, you know what i mean… but as i was walking to work this morning.. i was behind a girl as we walked past the site of endless roadworks (that doesn’t narrow it down in london does it?).. and three of the guys in perfect synchronicity, swung their heads and followed her as she tiptoed past. i’m sure half of them didn’t even find her attractive.. just felt obligated. imagine the meetings in roadworkers anonymous

    gary: “hi, i’m gary, and i’m a builder”

    counsellor: “hi gary.. and what do you want to talk about today?”

    gary: “well.. i don’t want to look at women when they walk past.. i’d rather just dig”

    *sharp intakes of breath and gasps*

    counsellor: “hmm. that is interesting”

    maybe they all dont.. but there is some union rule which states they have to..

    “lads! a lady”

    “tsk.. i’m really behind on this tarmaccing..”

    “come on.. it keeps up the image.. do it for the brand”

    “oh ok…”