“can’t you be ill tommorow?”

well, no, not really, even if i was ill tommorow, i still, apparantly, wouldn’t be able to see a doctor.. our surgery is ‘full’. whoa. full? isn’t this the national health service, free healthcare to all regardless of colour, creed and religion? oh hold on.. yeah.. this *is* the national health service.. its more unhealthy than me. and thats saying something..

it is a shame, but still in comparison to the private healthcare systems of other countries, i really can’t complain.. if i break my leg, they’re gonna do something about it, not do a credit check first to see if i can pay..

however, all this NHS patriotism does french connection uk all good if i can’t register with a doctor.. the hunt begins.

meanwhile.. my stomach still feels like a cow is growing inside it.. probably that machine-reclaimed meat i ate the other day..

no more mcdonalds.. its bad mmmkay?

was at work until about 2am last night.. not working, just hanging out.. couldn’t be bothered to go home.. kind of a wasted evening. spent most of it on the phone in fact, but would have only been bored at home.. at least i was broadband bored here :)

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