monday 4.30pm: deepend liqudated

oops. out of a job.

the entire group has ceased business – as of today there is no deepgroup, no relish, no backend, no deepend..

no deepend

2 of the greatest years of my life have just come to an abrupt end.

my genitals smell of beer

well, pub quizes.. what else are they for?

ok.. perhaps my genitals shouldn’t smell of alcohol. but hell, they do.. the spilt beer made sure of that. but oh what a comedy night.. yes we came last, but thats so not the point.. is it? taking part is the key.. taking part is the reason you go to pub quizes.. isn’t it?


we scored 15 out of 40.. thats bad??

oh ok

i’m working on the supernoodles competition at the moment.. at random times, t-shirts are available for winning on the site..

cor blimey.. getting my head around this isn’t that difficult.. but thinking of all the possible holes where this game could be hacked is quite fun. i’m going to give it to fsck tommorow to see if he can hack it.. one would hope not.. ;)

thats in addition to the foodponce work i did today, oh as well as getting Ecam done.. oh yeah, and helping with the Lowe stuff with John and AliG…

and the SCG CDs.. eek.. information overload ;)

oh yeah.. btw.. did i show you my graduation photos?

album of the night: Odyssey Number 5, Powderfinger..

drink of the night: bottle of coke.. number 2.. still going strong.

my dear lord…

today’s events have been nothing but terrifying.

if you don’t know what’s happened – there have been a series of terrorist attacks on the US. two planes flew into the World Trade Centre, resulting in their collapse. Another plane flew into the Pentagon, causing its partial collapse, hijacked planes, 20,000 dead. a very solumn day.

i’ll leave the footnotes to the professionals.. for the history books will tell it better than i can ever, but i go to sleep scared that tommorow is a day which could lead us into war – nuclear or otherwise. i fear for my friends and family’s lives. i have no idea what the next months bring, but america will retaliate, and more lives will be lost.

a very sad day, and my heart goes out to those who have lost people.

no such thing as a free lunch

unless urbanbite cock up your order and pay for it for you.. mwuhahahaha!

although still.. waiting 2 hrs for food is never that much fun… i’d have rather paid for the food and had it within the 40 minutes.. oh well..

desk, pub, club, taxi

well, my masterplan to go home and work last night failed miserably.. starting on the vodka redbulls at work to celebrate / comiserate the leaving of aron and shuab, we rapidly descended to the griffin.. for just one.. which became four.. and then on to dust on clarkenwell road with the laaaargest bottles of budvar you’ve ever seen :) and then onto turnmills for a dance and bottle of water or two. so my simple evening had decomposed into something somewhat larger, and leaving the club at 1.30am rounded it off :)

of course, the ‘largeness’ of the night was less-so as most of it was spent chatting in the chillout room rather than bopping to the monotonous thud-thud-thud of modern dance music ;) didn’t really get into the whole swing of things.. but hey.. its more fun that way innit ;)