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well, my masterplan to go home and work last night failed miserably.. starting on the vodka redbulls at work to celebrate / comiserate the leaving of aron and shuab, we rapidly descended to the griffin.. for just one.. which became four.. and then on to dust on clarkenwell road with the laaaargest bottles of budvar you’ve ever seen :) and then onto turnmills for a dance and bottle of water or two. so my simple evening had decomposed into something somewhat larger, and leaving the club at 1.30am rounded it off :)

of course, the ‘largeness’ of the night was less-so as most of it was spent chatting in the chillout room rather than bopping to the monotonous thud-thud-thud of modern dance music ;) didn’t really get into the whole swing of things.. but hey.. its more fun that way innit ;)

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