oh wow!

friday night.. deary deary me..

after promising myself that i was only going to go out for a couple (oh yeah.. whatever ;) it turns out that it was actually dan’s birthday, so we couldn’t possibly just go home :) so we turned up at what i have a feeling will soon become our regular local – the lamb and flag, and a few (erm.. at least three) were had there.. i was already well on my way to being embarassing when kirsty called and suggested i dragged myself and as many others that i could towards chinatown.. as she, cathy and donna were at some bar in that vague direction..

so. i went… didn’t take anyone with me (the leightweights all went home) and drank several more at this next bar. a few drinks and dances later, i somehow managed to stumble home, send a few badly spelled SMSs and reach my bed.. knocking over numerous objects including a rosie and buzz on my travels.

i later (apparantly) after visiting the toilet, entered rosie’s room and attempted to get into bed.. then realised it wasn’t my room and went back into my own room. there are allegations (made cheifly by myself) that i was naked.. as i’m sure i was.. rosie isn’t so sure.. but hell, i don’t remember a thing. sign of a good evening? :-\

good thing that i’d bought �10 worth of bottled water on a credit card at the club.. made the hangover seem somewhat easier the following morning (well, the water and the two nurofen i had cleverly placed by my bedside).

lessons we’ve learnt from this:

a) keep your pants on

b) don’t send sms’s (matthew, you really should learn this one)

c) don’t worry if you look a twat carrying around millions of bottles of water.. water is the trendiest drink.. no really

d) drinking is bad for your health, and costs money. neither of which you have at the moment (health or money)

well, this week should be a little easier.. no drinks for a while.. not until monday evening.. when we’re going out with the mercier gray lot, which shall be interesting.. (kinda really looking forward to it actually!), technics live on thursday, and our site…

right.. off to bed to install slackware 8 on my lappie, falling to sleep with the soft accoustic mix of ‘Eternity’ by Orion.. class tune if you find it ( ta nick :)

well.. from jimmy the sleeper.. to the home security guard.. or just home guard :)

late nights would be cool here if it were for one improvement..softer lights..

although.. the lighting does help one stay awake :)

ahh.. today was cool.. i’m really enjoying work at the moment. the smaller slimline team of the 7 of us seems to work well.. we went out to wagamamas for dinner.. a greasy spoon for brekkie.. and lots of laughs throughout the day

this office isn’t so far different to deepend really.. people occasionally popping into pick stuff up, write some emails, and popping off again.. ‘cept its in town

i could get used to being here :)

well… quick recap then

i’m no longer the senior online developer for deepend london, part of the deepgroup..

nope, i’m now a partner in de-construct.. a new creative agency based in Covent Garden, London UK.

here’s the run down..

as you see from the previous blog.. deepend .. neh, deepgroup.. the whole fucking kit and caboodle went under.. deepgroup is no more.. deepgroup going.. i can handle.. but when that includes deepend, thats a bummer.. no more late nights on westside, no more pizza delivered to my desk.. no more webcam action.. [not from there anyway].. blimey.. not even any more deepinside, vindaloo, llama, DK, pool comps, mullet runs, webmeals, etc. etc. i could go on all night listing the things which will never happen again..

of course, don’t get me wrong.. the spirit lives on strong.. the friendships and memories from my time at deepend will never leave me, i’ve met girlfriends there, i’ve broken up with girlfriends there, i’ve slept there, i’ve woken up there, i’ve made friends, i’ve lost friends, i’ve loved, hated, cried, puked, pooed, washed, eaten, dressed, changed, lived there. deepend was my life for the 2 years that i was there.. and i have never had a happier time in my life with such a group of great people. it is purely unique.. and i can’t see anything coming close to it for a long time.. the people who i met there will be with me for years to come (i hope! if i don’t lose their mobile numbers and email addresses!).. ffs.. i live with three of ‘em.. some of my best friends are ex-deependers.. and lets not forget.. they helped me put on all that weight and really find the virtues of alcohol :)

but.. it the company / wageslip is no more..

so, monday, deepend is over

tuesday, de-construct is born.. a rapidly arranged meeting on the morning between andy de groose, dan douglas, kevin holloway, alex griffin, fred flade, tony phillips and myself in dan’s highbury pad resulted in the birth of what Design Week called “the first to emerge from the ashes” of deepend. a pheonix if you like.

wednesday and onwards.. and the hard slog began..

now, some weeks later.. although.. not *that* long after the fateful day.. de-construct are live and kicking on long acre, in the heart of covent garden, sharing office space alongside Mercia Grey, provided by those kind folks at Broadband….

blimey.. what a situation.. but after passing through ups and downs.. i’m now in an excited mood.. about the venture.. the prospect of being able to do what Alex and I have been talking about for quite some time… setting up on our own. The seven partners of de-construct all seem to have the goal in mind of making this a success, and i think we might just be able to do it.

i hope so.

anyway.. so here i am.. first late(ish) night in the office.. we have piped music around the studio (heh !!) and i’ve turned it up a little and i’m pumping out da choonz..

it kinda rocks.. and reminded me of the old days at deepend.. yeah.. not as comfy yet.. but we’ll get there..

the people here in the office who we’re sitting alongside all seem very friend,y.. hopefully, we’ll get to know each other of the coming months.. and show them the de-construct way :) MIDWEEK BOOZE!!!

etc. etc. :)

well.. i really should get back to technics.. it won’t wait forever :)

viva la deepend spirit