the world is gripped in potter-fever..

you can’t walk anywhere without bumping into someone reading a rowling.

and to celebrate the phenomena.. even though i originally thought it was all just a bit of fuss over a kids book..

here is the new sequel from the poncebrothers..

matty poncer

( i actually scared myself with this one. hermioneponce looks too much like an aphex twin for my liking)

i hate cold showers.

they’re crap and leave you feeling so unready for the day.

couldn’t even be arsed to have a shave because of it..

this weekend will be a relaxed one i think. i managed to have a good twelve hours of broken sleep last night.. got into bed by 9.15 and although i kept waking up throughout the night, i didn’t get out of bed until 10.30.. which is nice :)

technics1210 got macromedia site of the day award today. – which is nice :)

seeing my parents tommorow – they’re down here for a concert at the albert hall, and then off to see the victorian exhbit at the british museum tommorow.. looking forward to that actually.. i wanna see that new roof – which is nice :)

i am starting to get very bored of technics1210.. there are always these little things which popup after launch on a site.. and they’re the most annoying things.. you have to sort them out so carefully simply becuase its a live site – and the minutest change can result in the whole site going compelety to pot..

ah well.. at least i should be able to finish this this evening, and then move on to shine tommorow until the weekend..

you never know – if i’m lucky – i might actually get a weekend this weekend!

(ha yeah right.. its intranet time!)

talking about moving into different office spaces today.. it looks like we’ll be moving back east london way, shoreditch, hoxton etc.. which is great for travel costs.. but i’d really like to stay in central london – it has a completely different atmosphere to the new media capital – its cool.

still – at the end of the day it comes down to money – which is not exactly in the most abundance at the moment..

see my bank balance for example :(

“you’re working all night!?” the security guard asks in a surprised tone

“yeah” i reply with a smile, as if working all night is a crazy wacky thing to do..

but then i think.. why the hell does he seem so surprised. isn’t his job to be “working all night”?

only goes to show that… actually.. it doesn’t go to show anything other than its another excuse to waste time telling you…

4.5hrs to goooooooo…..

(here is what i’m actually doing…)

i’m a slack bastard.. i never keep in touch with anyone

so by way of procrastinating.. i’m getting in contact with as many people from the oldworld as possible..

just mailed philippa, found vicky’s email address on friends reunited and mailed her a couple of times, hunting for ricci’s address, gonna write to chris tommorow, find gareth’s new address, hunt down leon and darren, see where gary and alan are.. use my internet powers to find veronica, mailed stacey a while back, been chatting to lissa on MSN..

vicky said her bro is in crouch end and is in london everyso often, so that would be cool to catch up with her.. its been over 4 years i reckon.

too long.. tsk matthew.. bad boy..

anyway.. i *should* be working on ICA.. its gotta go to the newmedialab room in about 8.5hrs.. and i’ve reached the point where i’m nigglybugfixing.. codefucking.. pain in the ass!

but still, we’ve got a little huey lewis on the mp3 action.. this all-sunday-night action is becoming all to regular.. to the extent where i’m starting to recognise people on the night bus at 5am..

thats a bad thing isn’t it?

its been a good weekend though.. kind of a good week..

mainly being ICAing.. quite proud of it.. certainly the first time i’ve exhibited :D

thursday night was a bit of a pain.. alex (well, alex and helen!) persuaded me to go out to the slug and lettuce for a couple. there was wiggly dancing, and enough alcohol to stop me from working, but not to get me drunk (and put me in a frustrated mood.. which lingered until 3pm of the following day).. but then friday night was cool.. went out for a few with the MG lot.. met some new’uns.. i’m still pretty bad with the names.. but i’m going to sneakily ask kylie who was who “yeah.. the east is east coat?”.. and i’ll build that oh so important topographical person/name map in my might-as-well-be-lobotmized excuse for a temporal lobe.

still that was cool.. went to amber on poland street.. nice bar.. got chatting with people above and beyond “oh, so you’re de-construct.. how’s it going?”.. but then i left.. to go to ghazwan’s party in clapham.. which was.. erm.. queueful…. :-\ simon had been waiting for an hour to get it in.. fortunatly.. it only took me a little while.. but it was worth it.. LOADS of enders there… and little fishies in a tank.. which was nice. got home at 3, and nicky crashed over.. after kebab.. and far too many drinks (thats me with the kebab and drinks ;)

anyway.. i’ve gotta go.. lissa is waiting to read this.. and i should be working ;)

might write later

i spent all day writing just this:

realChartQ = "select top 50 max(datediff(d,date_created,getdate())), votes.vote_for, max(flyers.rating) as rating, max(flyers.title) as title, (count( * (sum(* convert(integer,((max(datediff(d,date_created,getdate()))*ceiling((floor(convert(float,8)/1+convert(float,max(datediff(d,date_created,getdate()))))/8))) + (8*(ceiling(floor(convert(float,max(datediff(d,date_created,getdate())))/1+convert(float,8))/1+max(datediff(d,date_created,getdate()))))))))) as sumvote from technics_sflyervotes votes LEFT JOIN technics_sflyers flyers ON votes.vote_for = WHERE votes.voted_on > '"&d1&"' AND votes.voted_on <= '"&d2&"' GROUP BY votes.vote_for ORDER BY sumvote DESC, rating DESC"

it might not look much.. but hell for my tiny brain to work out.. oh the pain of it all

and its slow.. !!! i've been looking at stored procedures and everything.. might have to convert some of it to SPs to make it faster.


done quite a bit on the ICA thingy.. but bored now.. and tired

i think i might just go home and sleep.. but i didn’t really sleep last night that well, so i doubt it would tonight either..

i suppose i could start our intranet..



what a bus journey.

being poor – i decided to use my money wisely, and catch the bus instead of the tube.. took me an hour rather than 20 minutes (which i could have walked for free!!) but it was amusing regardless.. the maniac bus driver who felt it not neccessary to adhere to speed limits, pretending the roadworks were chicanes to be attacked at over 60mph, the man who sat behind me who smelt like pot noodle, and my clever “i’ll get off early and walk the last little bit” finding myself in a part of london i’d never been before… all culminating in me spending the last �1.30 on a M&S ploughman’s sandwich.

i wonder if keyboards are edible?

“..and it was aaaallll yellow!”

whiiiiiiizz (oooooo!)

BANG! (aaaah!)

whooooooosh! (ooooo!)

fizzle (erm)

yes – its that time of year again where foolish brits stand outside in the cold weather and watch thousands of pounds (weight and money) of chemicals being fired in the air and exploding – no not WW3, but battersea park fireworks display with kirsty and her cohort.. and blimey it was a goodun. outdid last years and last years was pretty kickass.. a little bit of robbie, a whole lot of 5ive and your obligatory fat-boy-slim and everyone’s happy – even the jumbo/multicoloured/occasionally-not-so-sparkley sparklers were fantastic.. yay! fireworks makes everything right in the world – all very magical – the smoke from the burning car ( i think it was a car.. thats what they do isn’t it?) or bonfire or whatever, the London Live announcer telling us “now really.. please, don’t set off fireworks.. we will hunt you down like DOGS”, the new hooded top which i bought because i knew it would be freezing, and then didn’t actually wear – oh the joy of it all..

its core basic human instinct.. fire.. grrr.. capture it. put it in a rocket.. fire it over a couple of thousand people..

so yes, i agree..

lets hear it for wandsworth borough council.

and then i decided not to carry on for drinks etc. afterwards. i’m not quite sure why actually.. silly matthew – i’m only sitting at home programming now. USE YOUR WEEKEND MATTHEW! ITS A WEEKEND!

aaaaaanyway.. what a week.

two sites live:

Technics1210 –

de-construct –

both luuuuurvely.. technics1210 is very kickass if i do say so myself (and i do).. over 8000 lines of code (which is actually quite low considering what the site does.. thats functions for ya ;) hopefully it will be our flagship site..

and of course the merciergray drinks night was cool too.. met a lot of new people – or at the very least, but names to faces. it seems i’m already known there.. but only as the guy with no shoes – i’m not sure whether thats a good thing or not :) we’ll see.

anyway.. i’m off to bed before this machine crashes.