man, i’ve been having a whole load of really wierd dreams recently.

last night, the road next to my house in nottingham was flooded (not just a thigh deep puddle of precipitation, but completely underwater, ie. my road was at the bottom of the sea – atlantis==sherwood), and i was having problems swimming back to my house.

also, i’ve been dreaming lots of about mel blatt again – two nights ago, we were walking around some markets by a river chatting – having a nice time, and just as she was about to give me her number, i woke up.. doh.

and last night, we were on a canal side, and i gave her a going away present of some old diaries or something – and she had nice lipstick on.

thinking about it all, the water theme has been very strong throughout all my dreams over the past couple of months – and so has mel, but i don’t think mel is mel – if you catch my meaning. replacement of people in dreams, substitution of people you know for people you don’t, isn’t that uncommon in my dreams – but its significant that mel is someone famous. the water thing, i think, is probably related to work – the struggle to swim home, etc.. although, this is the first time i’ve been *in* the water for a while – usually, i’m on the banks of a river, or on a coastline – always the water being some great obstacle – but never really dipped my toe in, or more not bothered by it..

as i’m getting some good long (sober) sleep recently, i’m starting to remember the dreams clearer.. so i think january might be a time to start that new detox (LOL HA HAHAAAHAAHHAA) plan – get fit (HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHA) and … aww bugger it.. it ain’t happenin’ is it? :)

right. i’m off to say hello to betty

conversation i had yesterday:

me: hi, i’m looking at these two sony digital cameras, i can’t seem to distinguish between the features on them – which makes this �539 one more expensive than the �470 one?

ponytailed 35 year old bespectaled comet sales assistant: erm. i’m not sure.

me: oh, right

P35YOBCSA: it might be that this is the newer model

me: ah yes, probably. they’re both memory stick driven yes?

P35YOBCSA: yup

me: i-Link?

P35YOBCSA: nope

me: so not much point in getting the newer model then?

P35YOBCSA: nope

me: cool, i’ll take the older model then please

P35YOBCSA: right.. oh.. we don’t have any in stock

me: oh, how come its on the shelf?

P35YOBCSA: erm, because we do sell them

me: but you don’t have any in stock.. ok, can i have that one in the display cabinet?

P35YOBCSA: erm. maybe. let me ask

(P35YOBCSA wanders off, i stand looking around for 15 minutes)

P35YOBCSA: erm, we don’t have the box

(me thinks.. how the hell did it arrive?)

me: right, thats not too handy

P35YOBCSA: no. can i interest you in the more expensive one?

me: you said it had no extra features and would make more sense getting the older model

P35YOBCSA: erm.

me: never mind

P35YOBCSA: we sell washing machines too

(disclaimer.. all but the last line is true, and the ONLY reason i would EVER shop in Comet is because they’re offering 6 months interest free. but for chrissakes.. )

its so strange being back at home… my folks reckon i haven’t visited more than twice this year, which is probably accurate.. the house is so so different.. its not my home anymore – i didn’t grow up in this beautifully decorated georgian house, i grew up in a half finished building site ;) but it looks wonderful, and paul’s room is coming along wickedly..

visited granny and family this afternoon after travelling down on a train WHERE THEY DIDN’T CHECK MY TICKET. oo that makes me angry.. that was cool – haven’t seen them all in ages, and then drove back home where i met sally (paul’s gf) and her dad – mr nigel akers (ha. how wierd is that?)

so now i’m on a dialup in his new room (mmm.. modem sounds.. gotta love em)

last night was nice.. iceskating at somerset house (and helen came.. which was very cool), and then onto the porterhouse for drinks..

farewell kirsty – enjoy your journeys.. (i’d say more on the topic.. but heh.. i always do don’t i ;)

anyway.. my little toes are cold..

i am off to bed..

(and i just found a diary from 1993 in my room so i’m going to read and giggle about my younger exploits :)

well, there you go.. the end of work for this year

ok, the last time i’ll be in the office this year.. thats slightly more accurate ;)

tarrah mercier gray.. the xmas party was cool, down at the pool bar, and free booze – which is always good.. although i managed to lose my coat.. which isn’t too cool.. and today was fairly lazy and slow – but newlands is all ready more or less, and should be going live on dec 27th

you know what.. i can’t be arsed to type tonight :)


still no end of year recap but a past few weeks recap far too much booze :)

there was the bedrock xmas party – and i think we all know the story about the after party :)

there was andy’s birthday shortly before that.. and the booze.. the booze and then just thursday night.. simon kirk et al (ade and bec) joined me for some food and drinking.

and even last night, after all of that drinkary.. we had a few more for the road before going home.


aaaaaaanyway. its the last week before end of term. what a week it will be:

monday – i think i should rest

tuesday – de-construct xmas party

wednesday – deepend xmas party

thursday – mercier gray xmas party

friday – oh yes.. i think there *may* be a drink somewhere ;)

saturday – my birthday and bon voyage to kirsty

sunday – hometime.

and of course, it is the last week that we’re in covent garden with mercier gray.

well, december 2nd 2001..

what a year.. (don’t worry.. i’m not going to write a annual recap just yet.. that get saved for three weeks time)..

but the festive season is truly upon us.. celebrations are something you simply can’t get away from and my intended plans on saving lots of cash by not going out, not spending frivalous amounts on drink and food have well and truly been scuppered.. AND i’m meant to be saving.. skiing holiday plans in mid jan with ade and simon…

still, what the hell, it is xmas, and its time to nip to woolies and buy some decorations, write my xmas card list and start eating vast amounts of chocolate…

one mental note though.. i don’t know any of my friend’s postal addresses.. and i’d prefer to give cards than e-cards.. last year was easy enough.. i handed them out at deepend.. but this year, i think the e-card might have to be the way forward… :-\ oh well.. production planning today then.. i think something along the lines of two years ago may do… ;)