can’t decide whether i love or hate april showers.

on the one hand, they’re wonderful, i love sitting in my room, in the warmth with my music playing, a drink and some food, watching people run by carrying umbrellas, dashing out of shop doorways and hurridly climbing into cars, and invariably, minutes later, the sun will appear again.

on the other hand, it is wet, and miserable, and you can’t go out.

but, then again, it is sunday, what do i have that is better to do?

i’m actually particularly bored today, and having not a penny in my account due to a sizeable mobile phone bill leaving my bank this morning, i’ve turned to just eating all the food i have in the house – which is quite an amount, but passes the hours i suppose.

some people simply have no respect for the dead(to-the-world).

playing obscenely loud classical music, no matter how delightful, at 10am on a saturday morning, should be classified as treason (which as far as i know, is still punishable by hanging).

april showers are here, if not a little late.

perhaps they realise they’re late, and are going to make an effort to piss it down constantly for the next week, coincidentally which happens to lead up to a Bank Holiday weekend. :|

in direct contrast to the post on april 7th, i went to sainsburys for my shop yesterday, on the hunt for normal atlantic prawns, an avacado, some iceberg lettuce, and a thousand island dressing (see what i’m making here?), but they had nothing but tiger prawns. am i reaching a point where i have to do two shops? i think i am.

i have a horrible headache this morning, and i don’t know where from. i certainly haven’t been hitting my head against a brickwall physically, and i’ve not been drinking, although i did go to a bar in my dreams called ‘/usr/local/me’.

in my continuing quest to be an intrepid explorer, today i ventured across three tube zones, two hemispheres, crossed rivers four times, climbed hills, rode on boats and trains, walked through tunnels, and managed to reach the centre of the world. no wonder i’m getting into bed at 10pm – i should be placed up there with scott, raleigh, cook and columbus, and my journey only cost me �2.90 (plus the cost of the pie at lunch).

the househunting continues, i’m off to look at cadogan terrace today, a place which keeps popping up in lettings lists, but i didn’t realise where it was until today, OMG, its on the east end of the park, over looking it… :)

so, i’ll take a wander, gander and get a few more agency lists. i’m certainly going to have to get a two bedroom place, i simply can’t afford it, certainly not ellesmere road etc. but i think the flatshare list may well help me out. i’m also less concerned about prices now too. a two bedroom place will end up being around �500-�600 pcm, which is perfectly acceptable, providing its nice. there are still far too many places with wooden floors though ;)

i’m also off for a crop and a sarnie.


its really so so odd. jake shillingford, front man of “My Life Story”, one of my possibly all time favourite bands of all time ever, is on my MSN contact list. It all started maybe two or three years ago, when a friend of mine who i worked with at EMI records said he didn’t have the time to maintain a site that he was working on, and wanted to know if i wanted to work on it. i said yes and then he told me it was My Life Story. Oh. My. God. i thought.

but, some time down the line, and after chatting to Jake a dozen times on msn and email and meeting him in pubs etc, it still doesn’t lose its ‘oh wow cool’ factor. i suppose thats why i’m in this industry though, for that ‘heh.. wicked’ part of life. i love it.