Someone was looking at your website today, and she reckons you look like Will Young from pop idol!!! Just thought i would let you know!!”

hmm. is this a compliment.

i seem to have many celebrity ego, in order of chronology:

+ Hugh Grant (in the days when i had longer floppy hair. of course now, we have both grown up. i cut my hair, and he cut his. i’m unsure of the current lookalike status.. probably somewhat less these days – evidence for the court can be found here)

+ TV’s Ian Lee this is possibly the most scary and accurate of all. the only redeeming feature is that i could pretend to be him at parties, go up to Sacha Baron Cohen and say “Hi Sasha, love your DJing, erm, i’ve lost my mobile and can’t remember Daisy Donovan’s number off the top of my head. Have you got it?” and he’d turn around and provide me with said detail.

+ Pop Idol’s Will Young erm. can’t see it myself. possibly its the quiff. again though, if it gets me mistakenly into parties – can it be all bad?

Matthew Knight is 23 and lives in East London. His new single Evermean is released on May 7th, About a Ponce came to cinemas last week, and he writes regularly for webponce.com

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