ER: the greatest show on earth

Ee-by-ahh – set in a yorkshire emergency ward

ee-ooh-arr – set in a somerset hospital’s a&e department

RE - dyslexia specialising emergency ward

there-you-R – in a wing of a lunatic asylum set aside for people who think they’re austin powers

FR – emergency department on the seine

neen-R – a radio version that consists of just an hour of ambulance sound effects

DR – doctors in it, innit

Eze-R-goode – special guest appearance by the shamen

nee-R: the closest emergency ward to your home

pee-R: doctors and nurses on posters

wE-R-family – featuring songs by sister sledge

TR – doctors sitting around on rows of tables ;)

ee-gar – someone who really wants it to start now..

VR: electronic doctors swan around as holograms fixing dead computers

© 2002 matt and slim

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