slim is such a star wars geek – watching any of the films with him is like sitting in a cave where lucas’s scripts follow on the telly shortly after he’s said the line in various voices – even down to the “pyou pyou pyoupyou” of lasers.

we’ve just got back from the clapham common fireworks – they aren’t a patch on the battersea park ones – it just wouldn’t have been right going without kirsty – but we had a perfect position just down wind from the launch site. you could almost taste the excitement – well, no, literally, you could taste it, as the bits of flamegrilled cardboard drifted back down to earth post explosion. still, the charcollian rainfall didn’t put anyone off from their “ooohs”, “aaahs”, “cooo, look at those over in wandsworth, aren’t they pretty”. i think next year, i’ll go middle class again, and wander down to wandsworth. still – i suppose thats the difference between councils.. no, lets not hear it for Lambeth Borough Council.

(ps.. i sound as if i didn’t enjoy them. i did, no really. no. really.)

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