mmm. i’m the process of buying a new computer, and i’m such a fickle and shallow beast, i’ll probably end up spending more on making the thing *look* nice than actually work well. for example, a nice case is essential, maybe some subtle lighting, how about some etching. its all a bit of mute point anyway, i can’t afford a cheap ass system, yet alone something which a mac user would go “oo, thats quite nice looking” (well, a geeky mac user)

saw harry potter last night – all 160 minutes of it, plus trailers, which brings the whole thing up to 3 hrs. an epic i tell you, but worth the watch i’d say. if you’ve read the books, you’ll of course be disappointed at some of the skipping of more indepth subplot, and the obvious plot reminders – but thoroughly enjoyable and a damn sight darker than the first movie – which was well needed. Atlhough the fact that the school nurse is actually bridget jones’ mum threw me somewhat, i kept expecting her to offer up turkey curry.

the interior of hogwarts is filmed at a school near where i go to university in harrow, so it only seemed fitting to be watching the movie within minutes of the real hogwarts and under a full moon – however the grounds of the school do not mirror harrow as closely. there are no lakes or beautiful mountains and valleys in harrow. just a Yates’ Wine Lodge and BHS.

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