the journey into work is truly a learning experience if you can position yourself well. This morning alone, I learnt about adenosine triphosphate and the short fallings of Basle’s soccer tacticians. Other days have given me insights into music production, global politics and quite often the inner workings of the British legal system. its all in the ability to cleverly stand over someone’s shoulder and read their lectures notes / newspaper / tattoos. its a wonderful use of otherwise dead time – and who needs to buy a newspaper? you can cleverly construct your own current affairs by piecing together extracts from each of your visual snippets stolen from around you and create a world where dubya is denying mass monkey farming for use in the UEFA cup, or Les Dennis is trapped in a house with lots of D-List ‘celebs’, is going crazy and is married to an attractive woman. oh, hold on.

oh, and to that fat guy who shoved me out of the way this morning: that wasn’t really necessary was it?

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