its december 1st 2002! which of course means in just under 5 hours or so, all around the country, little children and adults old enough to know better will be waking up, realising its a sunday, going back to sleep, waking up again a few hours later, going to church and lighting a candle / opening a door and receiving chocolate*

of course, never one to be beaten by simple commericialism, woolies this year will not be getting my hard earned pennies (or pounds).. as we’ve built our very own. its a tradition we at 311b hold close to our hearts.. the DIY culture..its probably part of the hacker ethic, but why spend money when you can beg steal borrow build your own? case in point, our mp3 jukebox.. thrown together a few months ago for a party so we didn’t have to keep fiddling with mp3s, it has now developed in a lovely looking and wonderfully functioning piece of code. but back to my original point, and our imaginary goldfish in their real bowl, have been relegated to the dining table to make way for the unique masterpiece that is our LooRollAdventLightTM. it has tinfoil, cotton wool and even those little sticky stars you used to get at school – Blue Peter eat your lame ass heart out.

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