i’ve just moved into a new flat – and i share the place with two lesbians. they sleep with the door open and aren’t averse to taking all their clothes off in my presence. last night as i poked my head around the door, the girl on the right wasn’t too happy about me being there, so i started eating the doorframe which was made from stale sponge cake. aren’t dreams fun.

my god its close to xmas now. i know because my new travelcard which i purchased this morning expires on the 25th dec – which apparantly, is christmas day. good thing i’ve done all my xmas shopping then isn’t it. ahem. i went out to kings road last weekend – and, although i was expecting it to be perilous beyond belief, it was not that bad – possibly the rain was keeping people indoors. so i managed to buy six items – 50% of which were not for me. i don’t think thats a bad ratio. i know exactly the other items i need to get – just not where i’d get them from. perhaps it will be another year where i go shopping on the walk home from nottingham train station.

deconstruct xmas party tonight.

oh dear. if i’m not online tommorow – avenge my death.

i can’t stand peppermint tea

i remember the first time i tried it – and i’ll admit i was intrigued and drank it for the sheer excitement of something new – but upon reflection – a cup of earl grey will suit me down to the ground anyday. however, now i’ve been subjected to the odours of the stench of peppermint tea daily from about 1ft to my left. and i have a cold at the moment – if it smells that bad when i can’t smell.. dear me.. i worry for my health (when it comes back)

had totally screwed up dreams last night – dreamt i was in australia [should book tickets] and was telling our neighbor at work that there was a secret door to the office which was always left unlocked. this door led to a place i’ve been to a dozen times in my dreams, which progresses up a set of spiral steps [recurring symbol] into a large house. woke up thoroughly unawake.

do you ever have that feeling that you’ve forgotten to do something really important?

i’m experiencing it increasingly often recently, does paranoia grow with age? oh my god.. what if it does?

i think its probably just that i haven’t done my tax return, and i keep getting emails from my accountants asking me to send them the information. i probably really should. ack. i hate being grown up sometimes. whatever happened to my peter pan syndrome?

There’s no one in your circle of friends who isn’t aware of your current restlessness so when you come out with a big announcement, the element of surprise will be lacking. Travel brochures that arrive by mail, electronic or otherwise, prompt you to make reservations for a Christmas journey. A casual acquaintance has knowledge of an intrigue that you thought you had kept well hidden.

Come on! who is the casual acquaintance? what do you know? tell me!