review of 2002

as ever, i try and write some small review of the previous year – somewhat like tony blair in his new year speech, what went wrong, what’s going to go wrong, and what the hell we can do about it – although, i’ll try and steer away from all doom and gloom. also, so that you’re aware, i always write two reviews. one for public consumption, and one to put in my ‘chapter ones‘ folder.

to the start of the year, and de-construct, the care unit which looks after me during weekdays, moved to new offices in the east end of london, in fact, back to the old stomping grounds of the deepend times, two streets away from scrutton street in fact, and on the very same road as the griffin, our beloved pub.

i joined the gym – and the less said about that the better – actually, in my defense, i actually went quite often, had a whole mindset about becoming the person i wanted to be, blah blah blah, and went swimming fairly regularly. occasionally made the mistake of trying to use the running machines/weight machines/cycle machines and made myself just look plain silly – and noticed no discernable difference in shape, weight, height or cardiovascular stability. i have since put on 9lb.

february 14th comes and goes.

the winter of discontent began, i went skiing, and spent most of the time on my ass, out of breath, or peering down the slopes terrified that there was no way i could make it to the bottom due to my pathetically weak leg muscles and just the slightest drop of vertigo – i’ll take that back, not slightest vertigo. huge. massive fear of heights and edges. always had it, always will, and always put myself in positions where i can worry about it lots. sucker for punishment.

march rolls around, and i launch 5 sites in one weekend. no sleep. sucker for punishment.

april arrives, and i get all odd in the head – and i quote:

“Maybe i’m helplessly drifting back into that same place i was last Easter, looking for some bigger picture, some higher meaning, some deeper understanding of everything, but i am sure of one thing, that things are different now – and i’ve got to make the most of what i have and can be.”. nonsense i tell you, i’d obviously spent too much time thinking, and not enough time doing. all i’ll say here is ‘out of sight, but certainly not mind’.

another [alleged] webponce double finds itself on to our shelves, as will young is crowned pop idol, and sits back whilst watching g-g-g-gareth gates frankly do better on the sales front.

Summer arrives, and i, for the first time in 2 years, move out of east london, and onwards ever south to clapham. farewell to the mean streets of E2 and cross the river of our fine city, on past the elephant and castle, beyond kennington, and stockwell becomes the gateway to our new abode (i tell everyone i live in clapham, but lets face it, its stockwell.) and oh my god do i have a lot of crap. i threw away about four van loads of stuff, and still managed to spend two days shifting goods which i blatantly never knew i had. how does someone so young have so much furniture?

tube strikes start growing in regularity, and the country plunges into strike fever – soon to be joined by the firefighters. i wonder what would happen if the staff of costa and starbucks were to go on strike – would the whole economy collapse?

i learn just how much tube drivers are on, and just how much they want, and start ranting in the office about how disgusting it is. i also start reading the papers in the morning, which fills my head with lots of wonderful ideas and trivia, but also means that i never quite finish that book in my bag. i also realise that tube strikes are a fantastic excuse to not be in work.

kate lawler wins big brother. (and i worry myself that i still remember her surname six months on)

further depression sets in as i keep thinking about things too much, and go a little odd (again), but then have a life altering moment whilst dancing in bedrock at sasha’s album launch party and smile for a good few hours (also lose 2lb through sweat).

simon and i go to madrid, and realise there are no left turns, become nocturnal, and i capture the travel bug for a short moment.

we have a few ‘housewarming’ parties at the flat, notably not inviting most people we know, using the excuse “oh yes, we’re having lots of little parties” – which, was meant to be the case, but never really got around to doing the rest of them. we still have people’s tupperware in our kitchen some months after the event.

and whoa! september already, decon is 1 year old, and everything seems a little scary. where did that past twelve months go – as i can still remember so vividly the day we lost our jobs (and family to a small extent) at deepend. and once again, i start thinking too much. i obviously have far too much spare time if i have room to think, so go back to university to do an MA. sucker for punishment – but it serves its purpose, and my head is again filled with lots of wonderful ideas as i read sources i’d never have bothered with before. i also gain an NUS card – which gives me discounted cinema tickets. which is nice.

and wallop – before you know it – december. what a month. kirsty returns from her travels, i do some christmas shopping, i get a little bit older, but not quite enough, and new years eve is upon us faster than you can say “but angus deayton couldn’t possibly present it this year”.

predictions for 2003?

yes. plenty. you’ll have to find my chapter ones folder to find out though :)

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