i’m fascinated with visualisation of data, to see where patterns appear, trends, some random semblence of understanding in what often seems like a totally chaotic set of whatever it is you’re mapping. of course, chaos theory has been around for a while, so i’m probably not preaching anything new, but its pretty cool to see, literally see, how things relate to one another.

the barbican project we’re currently working on will go some way to include this arranging of its eclectic events in a ‘corner of your eye’ approach. more when i’ve worked out how i’m going to do it ;)

anyway, the point of today’s post is, that in my never ending search to find ways of cataloging/wasting* my time on this mortal coil, i’ve stumbled across a keystroke logger. ben at work pointed it out to me. it captures how many keyclicks and mouseclicks occur on your machine whilst the application is running. it then sends that information to a central server, and ranks you alongside everyone else who is using it.

now of course, i’ve only been using it since feb 1st, so i’m ranked down around 27,000th currently (a minor advantage to those users who’ve had it installed for months, and what it doesn’t seem to do is work out an average daily keystroke, and rank against that, but that would be far too competitive ;)

back to the original point of trends and patterns, it generates a chart of the most popular keys pressed. have a look at it here, and i’ll make sure i update it every so often. a prize to whoever works out my internet banking password from probablity of my keystrokes (ie. access to my internet banking) – although, i’m sure the people who developed the software have first dibs.