another year

Gah – truly, answer me this.. where does time go?
The last thing I seem to remember was falling asleep after posting my last blog entry and the next thing I recall is waking up this morning at the end of 2006’s first month.

Time is an evil speedboat, and I bathe in the foamy wash of the river of inevitability.

I’ll not bore you with any new year’s resolutions, four things, socks I received for xmas or witty references to popular and current affairs, but a simple tale of one man’s knees.

As the more determined readers of this blog may know (scroll down for the backstory), I started cycling some time ago, determined to address the balance in my life between work/play/exercise (1 out of 3 aint bad).
As a result, I know bicycle to and from work – a whole, count ‘em, 14 and a bit miles (I can prove it with my GPS tracking device thingy), including up and down hills (real hills don’t you know).

However, its getting a tad cold, and my knees (well, knee, just my left) is starting to get creaky – to the point of registering for a GP to get drugs to make it all better. To cut what could be a long story short, I bought some nice pervy tight things today, but not without getting told off in store by the man who was trying to sell them to me. I’d already decided to purchase before he gave me the fear, talking about arthritis and torn muscles, but I think he felt the foreseeing of grave injuries would make me buy a couple.

It worked.

Anyway, I’ve decided that I’m finally going to get around to putting this into a CMS of sorts (can you believe that it is still flat files? Call myself a Technical Director?), which will support tags, so I can combine my blogs re. The Visual Dictionary, ExamineKey and anything else I decide to wittle my social life away with. Watch this irregularly filled space

true, false

hmm, i’ve reached the point in the day/week/career where i just couldn’t be bothered to use my brain to work out why something wasn’t quite working, and just put pass random paramters to a method in my code, and hope they work.

the strange thing is, it did, and saved me from having to work out what was wrong. yay! i’m either lucky or extremely talented.

you may have also noticed that i’m blogging during the day.
boredom indeed.