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Mr Wettone and I have started a game of story ping pong over at
A simple enough idea, I write a passage, he writes the next, I write the next and so on, but neither of us discuss the aim or direction of the story, we just react and see what happens. The bastard nephew of hyperconsequence.

Read it here.

Some also interesting writing things i found:


I wonder if you can purposely set out to start a meme, and make it stick?
Someone sent me this URL today:

The idea is that someone put up a site to get 2 million hits and score a 3-way with his girlfriend and A.N.Other lady. I sent it on to someone, but they had already seen another version (potentially the original), which had already hit 2 million, and had a different image of the girlfriend (and the contract.gif not missing).

This new version is obviously an attempt to capitalise on the original, ala the spin off milliondollarhomepages which sprung up after the original actually did make a million dollars.

In the vein of ‘i kiss you’, ‘snakes on a plane’ and a dozen other internet fads, i wonder how possible it is to kick off the viral aspect of a meme, and get people signing up to duplicating it? how long before it goes viral if at all? how long before i get an email sent to me with a spin off of my own? so many questions, not enough bandwidth!

So, lets see… (although knowing my efforts… probably won’t amount to anything).

and please, copy and paste to your own site (feel free to modify as much as you fancy, but keep in the general feel of the original).

Over at TVD

My little word vs. image project The Visual Dictionary reached a nice watershed last night – 1000 words in the dictionary. Check it out.

Last night was a lovely ride home – it was light, light enough to cycle across the common without fear of hideous death and mutilation from 12 year olds, and a guy was sitting on a bench playing saxophone.

I’ve even managed to have the first outside beer of the year, last Friday night with work. Pre-easter!