we’ve been doing some more work this week at work on hardware/software integration – properly getting into lots of cables and sensors and circuit boards and stuff all working together to create a digital installation for one of our clients. can’t say too much about it currently, but we’re hoping that it’ll be live towards the end of the year somewhere in london. its a really simple idea, and if you did it on a PC, no-one would bother even looking at it, but there’s something magical about creating interactivity in the real world which is quite captivating. everyone in the studio kept coming up and playing with the prototype – which is a good start.

i’m going to salvage some of the parts from the prototype to build some of my own projects next week – watch this space ( it may involve an autopsy of a nabaztag )

Books in the bog.

Had a nice idea for a microsite over the weekend – so threw together a design and built a page. I’m a massive fan of using my time in the toilet effectively, ie. mostly reading. Maybe it because the toilet is the only true sanctuary, maybe it helps the .. erm.. purging process, but in any case, you’ll always find a couple of magazines or books in my bathroom for dipping into whilst you’re dropping the kids off by the proverbial.

As a result, Books in the Bog is the answer to that. Books which are ideal for just flipping open at any old page and finding a nice nugget of information for your short-medium term stay in the bathroom. I’ve started off with my most recent purchase, but each month i’ll try and post a suitable book. Feel free to post your own suggestions.