Using SCPlugin with Authenticated Subversion Repositories on OS X

I’ve cracked the way in which subversion and scplugin works on a mac. its a bit of a pain initially, but once it works, you’re good to go. If you have an easier method of getting this working, let me know.

1. If the machine never had SVN installed, you’ll need to install it. Get a binary dmg from here:

2. Get a copy of SCPlugin from here:

3. fire up terminal

4. add this line to ~/.bash_profile to add svn to your environment:

export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH

5. enter the following to mark in the changes

. .bash_profile

6. Do a checkout using SCPlugin (or the command line, whichever you prefer)

7. Make a small modification (ie. modify a text file with some whitespace)


svn ci -m "First Commit to cache authentication" --username "SVN USERNAME"

(where SVN Username is the username, ie. Joe Bloggs)

9. this will ask you for the user’s password. enter that, and your changes are committed.

10. Make another modification to the working copy (perhaps remove that whitespace)


12. This will throw a keychain message. Accept the addition to the keychain. This will cache the authentication which you used in step 8.

13. You can now use SCPlugin to commit etc. via Finder, without resorting to the command line each time.


A day of RSS

Spent most of today catching up with my feeds.

Rather frustratingly managed to miss that this event was happening Friday/Saturday, considering I had been in Amsterdam on Thursday, and my wife is away all this weekend – it could have been an interesting couple of days.

Font loveliness here

Remarkable story of a blind kid who uses echolocation to ‘see’.

Coming up to Halloween, here’s a couple of links on the Willhelm Scream. Check out the clips and then go watch the movies and see if you can spot it. I guarantee it will ruin your enjoyment of all films ever.

Not surprisingly, Myspace seem to be feeling the heat from Facebook, and have started opening doors to support developers. Sucks that they are bowing to pressure commercially, rather than just doing something which they think is good for the community – but hey, same end i guess.

Ha – the height of laziness. Brilliant. I want one! Maybe they can write my blog for me.

Family Guy explains the Empire’s aesthetically driven flaw.

Alex will be happy – finally we’re lined up the Thundercats movie – w00t!

Did you hear the one about the guy with an ear on his arm?

Genius blog about “quotation” marks, and their “bad” use.

MacWifi is about to hit the streets. Warchalking efforts will substantially be eased, just buy a burger (or a chip, or whatever the cheapest thing they sell is) and write the access node password on the pavement outside.

Nice Site – Neo kept his minidiscs in a book called Simulacra and Simulation, so that makes this site related to the Matrix. Doubly cool.

Mmm. Minimal.

Mmm. Bacn (and Bacon)

Not so mmm. Mice Wine anyone?

ThinkSpotting. Nice meme, nice idea.

Okay – i’m done, and going outside now.


this is a really cool platform, and i think opens a lot of opportunities to develop less invasive apps. imified’s developer api allows you to hook up an IM client to your applicati it effectively provides command line support to your web application, so rather than having to fire up a web-browser, you can fire off a couple of lines of text into your IM client (which is of course always open and online). Think “what am i doing today?” to get back all your outlook appointments today. Think “get my bugs” to return a list of open bugs from mantis. Think “where is alex” to get his currently location from the GPS we installed in his head. Unfortunately, there is cost associated to this, so playing around with the concept is less than welcoming, but i think its a really very nifty idea (and negates the work i did trying to get a gtalk app running in php :)

The problem with experience..

I’m finding that as we grow as a company, and there are more people to do more specific things, i’m also less able to do those specific things.

When we were small, we all had to chip in to all parts of the business. IA, brainstorms, coding, setting up project sites, uploading, HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, Javascript, Project Management etc. etc. There was the danger, of course, of being a jack of all trades, and master of none, but still the proverbial finger was in many pies.

Now, we’re a bigger company, nearing 40 people, there is someone to do each of those things, and as a result, I’m less required to do any of those things. I do little HTML, i do little PHP, i do little IA or setting up project sites, or helping out with IT issues.

At the time, it seemed a wonderful thing to be able to hand off chunks of work so i could concentrate on my core responsibilities, but now i’m finding myself less able to do any of those periphery jobs when required, because its been so long since i last did them well. Not to mention, my core responsibilities now being anything but what my core responsibilities used to be, even my core is getting rusty.

I suppose its like learning a language. I used to speak fairly good German when i was young, but after not using for most of my life, my Deutsche is nicht so gut. The same with British Sign Language, and the same with, unfortunately, the things which I’m supposedly meant to be guiding my team on. I’m all word docs and spreadsheets these days. Microsoft Manager Hell ™.

That being said, I’m learning a great deal from all of the discipline specialists which sit beneath me. We have some great UX people, we have fantastic developers in my team and Rory’s team – who daily inspire me in the way they work and approach problems. We have amazing designers and creatives. We have some really solid experience in all of the teams – which is helping me broaden my understanding and abilities, but at the same time, not specialising in any one thing. I’ve come full circle – jack of all trades, master of none.

I wonder if there is a golden route (mean,third,circle,egg,goose) through a career which keeps that specialism, but at the same time helps one progress in seniority, or does specialism restrict how many people you can be truly responsible for? I suppose its about job definition, and being able to do a bit of your specialist work for say 30% of the day, and the rest of your jack of all trades for the other 70%. Michael “Rands” Lopp thinks a manager needs to keep his hands-on-ness to a certain extent, but make it a bit of the project which you own, therefore shouldn’t dip in and dip out at will. Other schools of thought suggest managers should let their team develop, and you just stay well away to ensure a feeling of ownership (and help keep micromanagement at bay). I’m finding it hard to keep away, because perhaps I’m not ready to give it up yet, and hard to balance both ‘work’ and work. I think the next twelve months of the team are going to be interesting to see how my role further develops. Stay posted.


Finally the topic of sustainability has come up at de-construct with the talk of moving to a new office becoming the watershed we perhaps needed. Some early points we wanna look at:

* Flights
* Video Conferencing
* Paperless Office
* Public Transport (not cabs)
* Automatic Lighting
* Servers using sustainable energy
* Window seals
* Hand Dryers
* Recycling areas and waste management
* Energy efficient fridges and dishwashers
* Dual flush toilets
* Taps with flow regulators
* Reduced water use showers
* Green/Living roof
* Furniture from recycled materials
* Review suppliers, e.g. change to the green taxi company, review sainsbury’s shopping, cleaning services
* Locally sourced/low carbon produce (ie. coffee, biscuits)
* Printer use logging / name and shame
* Turn off the fucking printer!
* Get rid of the fax machine
* Turning off machines and monitors at night
* More things to encourage people to cycle to work
* Return plastic Sainsbury’s bag to them for recycling
* Use glasses NOT plastic cups

Cool People

dopplr are offering beta invites to anyone with a email address from a handpicked list of companies on their site. Quite a neat idea in that they’re saying “Hey, you’re cool, we respect you and want you to give us your feedback”, but also its a great way of giving some substantial organisations visibility of your tool – i guess in the hope of uptake of the product.

I’m not on there, but I do know people at over 10 of the companies listed there. Bums. I’m one degree of seperation away from cool shizzle.


I’ve always secretly wanted a tattoo, but am too chicken and mainstream to get one. In any case I never knew what I’d get should I have the courage to have one done. Inspiration struck me this morning. Across my chest, I would have:

T-Shirt Not Found

Congratulations Jon and Dawn

I’d like to say a quick thank you before I start with my speech today. To the internet. The internet is the reason Jon and I met, to a certain extent, and the reason we’ve not drifted apart. I was truly honoured to be asked to be Jon’s best man, and it means a great deal to me. i think we’ll both admit to being generally rubbish, and don’t see each other as much as we should, and its the internet which has allowed us to chat to each other most days despite the 600 miles and classic ‘boys being rubbish’. Its also great for downloading movies. More on that later.

i first met jon at on my first day at university, about ten years ago. true to form, jon had managed to turn up to university a week early. apparantly the university had assumed the name of carlos signified spanish descent, and invited him one week before most of the students arrived, along with the other foreign students. As a result, when the rest of the school arrived a week later, jon had been pretty much a single white female, sorry, single white british student, whilst all of the other students were foreign. Jon, never one to hide away from a challenge, stepped up to the plate, and by the time we arrived, he’d already made a good number of relationships with the students in our halls. However, on my first day, we met jon waiting outside halls eagerly to go to the union with fellow brits. I was going up to the union, and jon invited himself along – this was the beginning of our beautiful friendship. it was also the only time jon managed to turn up on time for the rest of university.

apologies for my slipup earlier, saying single white female, but its easy to get confused. jon has often toyed with blurring the lines of gender. not only had the administration of wolverhampton university invited him a week early, but they’d also managed to put him on a girls corridor in halls. Joanna Carlos was born.

jon and i were on the same course, and quickly sparked up a friendship. his bedroom in halls was about as messy as mine, and it wasn’t long before jon was introducing me to his happy hardcore tastes in dance music, nor long before he demonstrated to all of us his special hamster dancing skills. i’m hoping he’ll show us some moves on the dancefloor later. of course, jon has always been rather acrobatic anyway. i don’t remember how we managed to find jon’s velvet leotard one day in his room, but upon his explanation that he was actually an award winning trampolinist, no more questions were asked.

My core group of friends at university quickly solidified, and felt more of a family unit than anything: myself and becky being mum and dad, robin and lissa being the kids, and jon as the out of work uncle who just always seems to be in your house when you get home, but you never gave him keys. in our second year, you’d have been forgiven thinking jon actually lived with us. Fond memories of jon sitting at the end of the bed, eating cold pizza, and clearing the room with bodily gases.

Time at university flew, mostly made up of doing very little work, and lots of late nights in the last weeks of term because we’d done very little work. It wasn’t long until we were required to start thinking about work placements. Jon was ecstatic to have found himself a job placement in Sunny Australia. It wasn’t until a little more detail was divulged that actually it was the original Perth, rather than the antipodean version. Nevertheless, Jon took to Scotland and met Dawn, and of course the rest is very much well known.

We went our seperate ways during our third year placements, Jon flew to Scotland, I to London, but the final year came upon us in quicker than a flash, and Jon, after much hard work and bribing of tutors, graduated. I remember graduation day so clearly. Each member of the class was called up in name order, and presented with their certificate. Once again, the administration of Wolverhampton managed to call out Jon as a Woman, and announced to the stage Joanne Carlos.

Jon is one of the most loyal, loving friends I’ve had the fortune to meet, and I’m so so grateful of his friendship, despite being at the other end of the country to each other. It is this exact reason, for my love and respect of you Jon, that i’m not going to tell everyone the story about when you got your beer stolen by 14 year olds, or how bad your homebrew made in the halls of residence bath tasted, or that you throw-up without really noticing like a baby, coating my arm in red wine in the toilet of time flies, craft activities with clingfilm, or take the mickey out of your once questionnable facial hair. Its just not fair, and I won’t do it. It was a really bad goatee though.

We had dinner with Jon and Dawn’s families last night, and we got onto the topic of Chillis and the chemical structure of their hotness (don’t ask) and Jon’s father said he had just realised the reason Jon and I are good friends, because of both of our attention to detail, and ability to retain tiny bits of information like that. Apart from the obvious irony, he couldn’t be more wrong, we’re both useless, and thats why we get on so well. This speech was written last night infront of Jon in the hotel bar whilst he was writing his. Needless to say, on Jon’s last night of freedom, he was sitting on his laptop reading the internet. So, thankyou again to the internet.