A day of RSS

Spent most of today catching up with my feeds.

Rather frustratingly managed to miss that this event was happening Friday/Saturday, considering I had been in Amsterdam on Thursday, and my wife is away all this weekend – it could have been an interesting couple of days.

Font loveliness here

Remarkable story of a blind kid who uses echolocation to ‘see’.

Coming up to Halloween, here’s a couple of links on the Willhelm Scream. Check out the clips and then go watch the movies and see if you can spot it. I guarantee it will ruin your enjoyment of all films ever.

Not surprisingly, Myspace seem to be feeling the heat from Facebook, and have started opening doors to support developers. Sucks that they are bowing to pressure commercially, rather than just doing something which they think is good for the community – but hey, same end i guess.

Ha – the height of laziness. Brilliant. I want one! Maybe they can write my blog for me.

Family Guy explains the Empire’s aesthetically driven flaw.

Alex will be happy – finally we’re lined up the Thundercats movie – w00t!

Did you hear the one about the guy with an ear on his arm?

Genius blog about “quotation” marks, and their “bad” use.

MacWifi is about to hit the streets. Warchalking efforts will substantially be eased, just buy a burger (or a chip, or whatever the cheapest thing they sell is) and write the access node password on the pavement outside.

Nice Site – Neo kept his minidiscs in a book called Simulacra and Simulation, so that makes this site related to the Matrix. Doubly cool.

Mmm. Minimal.

Mmm. Bacn (and Bacon)

Not so mmm. Mice Wine anyone?

ThinkSpotting. Nice meme, nice idea.

Okay – i’m done, and going outside now.

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