The Stream of Consciousness.

I tend to use notepads to capture my stream of consciousness most days, scribbling todos, and things to write, but increasingly, i’ve been using my personal wiki to capture more detailed aspects of that. I’m not sure a blogging platform is right for these sort of abstract thoughts/comments/urls. Its not quite ma.gnolia’s role, nor tumblr either. Maybe i need to find a little IM+SMS twitter-esque tool for capturing personal thoughts, and putting them somewhere for later digestion.

here is an example of today’s stream:

* US Analogue TV shutoff in Feb 2009
* browser versioning (a list apart)
* wikileak
* gmail spam filtering failing
* scribd / embeddable doc sharing
* facebook analytics apps / adonomics, insights, develloper analytics
* facebook 5% drop in UK users in past three months (400K users)
* – new blogging/tumblr style platform
* – mobile publishing platform
* setup macmini + server at home

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