Hello, Clay!

I’m currently in Amsterdam at the Picnic 08 Conference, and have managed to see Clay Shirky speak twice (which brings my attendance level up to to three of his talks). I managed to fail miserably in giving him a disposable camera, having seen him wandering into the press/speaker lounge at the conference, but scrabbling around in my bag took too long and he’d disappeared, but hey ho, just getting to hear him chat around topics of collab is always good enough. Here is one of the Picnic TV girls talking to him outside the Gashouder about the changing concept of ‘we’

Come fly with me


Huzzah! The Lucky Voice in home private karaoke service has launched in beta. I’ve been involved with the project over the past few months, primarily as technical consultancy, audience insight and some of the marketing activities. As they say themselves, Lucky Voice is a life affirming experience, and we’ve managed to bring an element of their quality and class to the digital space. No longer will you be tied to crappy plastic tape machines, this is karaoke for the 21st Century. Now, if they can start to push cocktails over IP, i’m sold.

If you’d like an invite, email me or post a comment, and we’ll sort you out.

Fancy a pint?

the prince regent

Another quick build project for Andy at de-construct, who part-owns The Prince Regent, a pub down in SE24. Building this has made me hungry. They’ve just been shortlisted in the 60 under £60 category in the Evening Standard London Restaurant awards, so bravo! Its still a bit of work in progress, as we had to get it live ready for today’s announcement, but I’m sure i’ll tidy up the CSS and add some new content later next week.

Get a haircut!


A little build project for Endemol went live recently. For the Children in Need programme, an application form to have your haircut by a celeb’. Fancy getting shaved by Rachel Stevens*? Sign up here. The full site (which i’m also going to be involved in) will be launching later this year.


NB. Rachel Stevens probably isn’t doing haircuts, as she’s doing the dancy thing this year. I’m not sure she’d have time to balance trimming and shimmying in her life.