I’d like to express my 600th post through the medium of song

Kate Bush, “Wuthering Heights”
I’m an 18th-century fictional character and I want to do it with another 18th-century fictional character.

Great condensed meanings of songs from McSweeney’s Internet Tendancy.
Makes you wanna do it.

PS. This is my 600th post. Do I get a cake or a telegram from the Queen? Probably not. I’ve made myself a cup of tea instead.

Child’s i Foundation launches

Through my work at Yarned, I’m involved in a new charity – Child’s i Foundation, which is building a babies’ home in Uganda on the outskirts of Kampala for 50 infants, from newborn babies to five years-olds. The home will have medical facilities to help with premature and sick babies and children with special needs.

This is happening in two ways:

1. To build a “transitional orphanage” with full medical and educational facilities that provides a safe haven for babies and young children.
2. To place these children into secure and happy families, giving them something we believe every child has a right to – a loving home.

Child’s i Foundation will connect supporters to our work in Uganda in real time. Through emails, blogs and videos, people will be able to see exactly where their money is going, and we will have the opportunity to appeal directly for additional help should we need it.

Members of the community can be involved on many levels, from community fundraising, making donations and suggestions to actively volunteering at the Home in Uganda.

Interaction and mass collaboration are the keys to building the charity and achieving our goals.

We are creating a Web 2.0 version of a letter from a sponsored child and creating a new way of giving.

I’ll write more about the approach we’re taking from a technical perspective over the next weeks, but in the meantime, please go and visit the website:

Also, follow us on twitter and flickr.