Things I’m Reading

The Quick Brown interesting ‘track changes’ style feed which follows the modifications of posted news articles over time. Provides an interesting insight

Breaking Tweets – pulling together news stories as they hit, and the responses from the twitterverse. journalism meets citizen journalism with public opinion.

Youtube adds social interaction API to their kit of parts

Text speak, rather than harming literacy, could have a positive effect on the way children interact with language, says a study. Take that, Greenfield!

MySpace adding ‘mood’ to their status updates. Opportunities to measure the health/feeling of the internets? Also, inroads to monetising the twitterverse.

Dieter Rams on the 10 commandments of Good Design

This is awesome: “its just greek to me” as a concept of incomprehension of something varies depending on which language you speak. Makes perfect sense, “its all greek to me” for a greek is not the same sentiment. This is a chart of which languages are claimed as ‘greek’ locally.

EggTimer – how wonderfully pointless

whoa. mirrors that don’t reverse the reflection. trippy!

game characters with a more realistic twist. check out tomb raider :)

And a quote, which fits in nicely to a point I was incoherently making with some friends last night:

“They collect followers on Twitter as proof of how brilliant they are at social media marketing, without realizing the irony that they are just turning their Twitter feed into a broadcast medium that reaches more people than they could possibly hope to have a “relationship” with.”

— Kevin Rothermel ( ) via ( )

What I’m reading about today…

Prostitutes do well in a
Branded snow – honestly, some people have no limits:…/snowtagging/
Agile vs…/burndowns-and-flareups-in-agile-design/
Shiny Stuff -
Christian Bale – a method actor beyond the point of social acceptance? and the social media which propels the stories around it…/christian-bale-tirade/
Youtube deleting kids singing cover songs – seems a little overzealous…/youtube_copyright_system_eff_action.php

Delightfully topical marketing

Lucky Voice sent out a timely email this afternoon to capitalise on the capital’s snowy wasteland feeling.

I like this sort of marketing – it puts a smile on my face, and I’m far more likely to click through and buy something. Oh, and if you’re tempted too – register at, click the ‘buy premium sing’ button at the top of the page and enter the following voucher code: SNOWMAN

I’m sure they won’t mind me spreading the winter warmth.