An apple a day

An Apple A Day / Randoms at the Bar

I was asked to speak at last night’s “An apple a day” talk, held by the D&AD at the Hoxton Pony. The speakers were asked to consider ‘what piece of technology has truly changed the way you work’. You can see my response in slideshow form over at Slideshare, and preceeding my ramblings were Alex from de-construct, Ranzie from Tonic, Flo from Dare, Clare from The Partners, and a handful of other people with really interesting perspectives on the question.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, everyone pretty much had the same thing to say – remember the human element, interaction and connection within everything you do.

The Visual Dictionary article

Someone sent me this newspaper clipping about The Visual Dictionary. We still get regular submissions and the database is just growing and growing. I’m going to try and pull together a team of people to do something with the content this year. It’s funny how old it feels now – especially as the images are quite small (it wouldn’t do print), and its all hosted on a server, rather than in a cloud, and it doesn’t use flickr APIs or any form of interconnection with any other services, but the content is still great, and concept is clearly still liked.

if you haven’t seen it before – check out

ps. i have no idea why people think its an american website.. it’s not! i’m english, and the site is internetional (sic)