Looking to hire someone

Position: Full-time Lead Developer
Location: London
Salary: Negotiable + Equity (Based upon Experience)

We’re a start-up in the health space, developing a groundbreaking multi-platform application to be launched in 2011. The team is a council of excellence across commercial, creative, clinical and technical strategy. We have already formed key retail and clinical partnerships. Now we need the final piece of the jigsaw: the team member who will develop the application software.

You’ll be working closely with our Technical Director and Managing Director to understand and define how the application will function, and play a key role in shaping the underlying technology, but will be given the space to determine how this should work in practice. We’re looking for someone with experience in developing web-based applications which can also work in mobile contexts, someone who understands how to architect a solution, not just build to a spec, someone who wants to take responsiblity for the code and own the project, rather than just churn out controllers, models and views.

You’ll be paid a salary, but also equity in the company and genuinely be a critical partner in this small team developing a new business. Your experience may be digital agency, self-employed developer, or just a general code ninja. You’re probably a PHP, Rails or Django hacker, and know your way around jQuery and CSS, REST APIs and JSON. You see yourself as a middle-weight or senior developer who is maybe fed up with working to a brief, and wants to create something with longevity as part of a small energetic team.

Email matthew@webponce.com for more details and secret squirrel information.

Looking for.. Web Dev interested in mental healthcare and wellbeing

glad to be geek

I’m looking for a web developer who is interested in helping us out on a project for the NHS.

We’re building a physical device which will use embedded software to send data to a platform in the cloud you’d be developing.

You’d be required to build the APIs for the device to connect to, some integration with an SMS platform (dead simple), and the dashboard and tools on the platform itself.

There isn’t a huge budget, as it is an early stage trial, but should it go ahead, you’ll be helping people with mental and emotional difficulties use digital tools to improve their wellbeing.

You’ll also get the change to work alongside a great little team of social innovators, and of course, me (don’t let that put you off).

You’ll need skills in:
– Front-end development (HTML, CSS, JS etc)
– Server-side development (ie. PHP, Rails, Django, etc)
– Ideally some experience in frameworks rather than building everything from scratch
– Some experience in building RESTful APIs
– Some experience using Google Charts would be cool.
– Some experience using Facebook and Twitter APIs (including OAuth, Facebook Connect, etc) would be very handy

Drop me a line via twitter or email or just leave a comment if you’re interested in finding out more.