Project: Yesterday – a call for early supporters

if you’ve been following any of the world’s geopolitical events this year, you’ll have heard a great deal about the filter bubble – the notion that we only see a small fraction of the world around us, exacerbated by digital platforms like Facebook and Google ‘personalising’ our news feed. These platforms use interest data to select content they think we would find relevant or useful to us – but create a focussing effect, the more you like something, the more of that you will see, and the less other things you’ll be exposed to.

Project: Yesterday* is designed to combat this.

every day, you post content you’ve discovered to yesterday. content you find interesting, new, exciting, different.

at the end of every week, you’ll get back a report on your content – scoring the width of your world view, along with a digest of content you haven’t seen from the rest of the community.

content which is interesting and insightful scores well, content which has already been seen by others scores badly.

there are no points for speed or quantity, only quality and diversity.

over time, you’ll build up a wider range of places to read and deeper content to consider, and yesterday will benefit everyone who takes part.

for the first prototype, we want a small community of collectors, to commit to a month of submissions.

the reporting and scoring will be done manually, it won’t be elegant or some clever system, but we do want to test the approach.

and you’ll be a critical part to this.

all we need from you is a commitment to post at least one piece of content every day, before midnight, and for you to review what others have posted at the end of the week. in the fullness of time, members will pay to be part of the community by submitting content regularly. they will be able to ‘skip’ days or ‘take a holiday’, but the entry cost is feeding the machine. you guys will need to, however, be on it for a month, to make sure the system works.

if you’re interested in being part of the early test group – please, leave your email address below:

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*Yesterday is a working title. Name TBC!

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