still here.. fiddling with the banner style header on this page.. duh..
can still smell burning.. ah.. just worked it out.. the heaters under the desk have come on..

wonderful pieces of technology.. heat the desk, leave the developer concerned and cold…

just found a track which i haven’t listened to in ages.. v feelgood “aurora – ordinary world“.. and as i try and play it again.. apollo or ie or whatever, screws my dns.. and all goes to pot.. might as well go home now.. tarrah

*so* in the zone.. but have to go home.. parents are coming tommorow.. and i *know* they will call at 8am, saying “we’ll be there in three hours..”, rather than calling when they arrive.. but have got good section done.. cute.. here is a  sheep to prove it.. awww

why can i smell burning..? dust burning.. that warm smell.. like on radiator you just turned on after winter.. hmmm. i think i should back up my work off site :)

tonight’s sustenance:

quite an amount of cocacola
1 can of redbull
1 lasagne (meat) from stars and stripes (kickass.. go there.. last night, masses of pizza for �20.. vgood)
2 garlic breads with cheese

how personal should i go on this.. i don’t want everyone to know what i’m thinking.. but this is the only way i’ll ever keep a diary. should probably buy one of those ‘paper’ based diaries.. but i mean.. come on… analogue technology?!?
maybe i should create a personal blogger which saves to passworded files, and then just export them and print them out.. and save this one for rants and what i’m up to?

poo.. jabber IM client is not updating when people come online / go offline.. although its a brilliant piece of software.. no, i’ll take that back.. the protocol is kick ass, the software is pretty pony..

reminder to self.. write your own jabber client
reminder to self.. learn C++ to be able to write own jabber client
reminder to self.. should be working…

call from abbie.. falling asleep on the phone.. awww.. cute little thing..
whoa.. can’t leave zone.. easy.. crack open the nescafe.. or redbull.. hmm.. i fancy redbull.. never normally, but this is day three of 6am’s in a row.. i’m starting to shift again..

just installed blogger
probably easier than uploading every time.. of course an idea stolen from slim.. who else when tech related…

bah.. in a right mood tonight.. should use my anger to work rather than moan.. more productive.. no reason to be moody though.. i think i’m just tired, or hormonal.

thought for the evening.. why am i writing a diary from now on.. which is public???? diary.. good, public.. maybe bad.. although maybe not, maybe its a good thing that my thoughts are known.. no secrets, no hurting people with stuff you should have told them a long time ago. (hint).

right back to lingo for the mo.. i’ve still got to do that 101 questions.. and i’m sure the security guard is going to attempt to kill me soon, so i at least want to finish a good section of O2..


this is an attempt to have one of those really lame websites that people who can’t design or program have. i can design (a bit), and i can program (my job), but neither good enough to produce anything of critical aclaim. merely my attempts will be so average, that i’d rather produce something so plain and non-attempful of decentness, not no critic would bother passing judgement on

i don’t even know what i’m going to put here.. probably just use it as somewhere to keep my thoughts, well, publishable thoughts that won’t get me in to trouble.. ie. erm.. links to yahoo

oh joy.

btw, i’m really not in the mood to be doing anything of worth. this is a rant session. i’m vaguely pissed off, not even pissed off, just trying to do anything other than work. my machine keeps crashing, i can’t find the most basic of ’10 popular questions about sleep’, fucking internet, and i’m tired. can’t go home, will feel guilty about not doing my uni work, can’t work… well, can, but don’t want to.. but have to.. impending deadlines :(

would normally be at my gf’s on a friday night if not out on the razz with deependers, but abbie(gf) is in manchester, and slim(flatmate) went home home to see the football tommorow. (oh.. i just found 101 questions about sleep.. that’ll do. actually, its fuckin’ A.. damn.. i’ll be back in a mo after i’ve built another section of oneirocritica (pronounced oh-neero-critika, not 1 erotica.. or anything :P

Projects and Thoughts.