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Carat Coffee Club

As some of you might know, I like my coffee.
As more of you probably know, I’m also very lazy.

Combine these two facts, and you arrive at the need for hyperlocal quality coffee, and what better way of doing this than starting your own Coffee Club at work? Rather than leaving the office to get a fix, I’ve brought a hand-grinder and bag of beans from Kopi into work, and left them in a public space within my team.

The plan is to let people drink the decent coffee, give them some lessons on how to use an aeropress, and the importance of good quality beans being ground just before you make the drink – and we have a nice little social movement.

If it works within my team, I’m planning on rolling it out across my whole floor. Hopefully ‘donations’ towards each cup will make it self-sustaining, and each month, we’ll aim to have a different coffee from a range of suppliers like Hasbean, Kopi, Monmouth and beyond.

My first job


So, (in reverse order) after four years of consulting, eight years of running my own agency, two years of internship in agencies and two years of doing freelance stuff whilst I was at college, I decided to get my first job.

As of August 2012, I’m now Strategic Technologies Director for Carat UK.

What on earth does that job title mean?

First of all, lets start with saying I hate job titles. To sum up the breadth of one’s responsibility in a two or three word phrase is simplification beyond usefulness.

But let’s break it down:

Director: This just means I sit in a chair with my name on it.

Technologies: Technology has not been the T in IT for a long time. Technology is all encompassing, and should live in the same category of words which mean very little any more, like creative, digital or electronic. However, its useful as a signpost to my background, passion and focus in this role. We pluralised it because Technology Director suggests something I’m not. Technologies suggests the broader ecosystem, culture and society of technology – in fact, I think Kevin Kelly’s “Technium” describes that best. It is probably shorthand for 90% of the products, platforms, services and channels which have appeared in the last ten years. Technology is the connecting thread between many things, and those are the points I like working in, the intersection between things.

Strategic: I’m not sure how people classically define strategy, but personally I define it to mean exploring potential destinations and how to get there, rather than reacting to something in a kneejerk fashion. It’s also about sustainability and constant course correction.

Strategic technology: Like creative technology, but taking a broader view on the impact which emergent technology and new behaviours have on business, and helping to apply it when it is commercially relevant or progressive.

Lots of waffle, but my main aim is to help my clients and agency understand, explore and realise the steady flow of the new, through demonstration and play.

Kinda what I did already, but without having to chase invoices, right?

There were lots of reasons for taking a job, but the two that stand out are:

1. Being able to work in a team, within which I can learn from others, and collaborate better – and the Strategy and Innovation team at Carat is full of really smart people who believe the same.

2. Being able to focus on better work, and scaling the size of work I can do – through working in a single organisation, it means I can dedicate my time and energy to that organisation.

I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into some fantastic projects.

PS. I’ve still managed to protect 20% of my week towards non-profit/non-commercial work like Disposable Memory Project and Child’s i Foundation, and undoubtedly things like CLARITY* and bluesky.