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Trekstock.com launches via Yarned


Although I’m now working at Wieden + Kennedy London, I’m spending one day a week working for Yarned, a company I’ve started up which focuses on doing work for non-commercial projects and organisations. As part of this, working together with Maek, we’ve just launched the new site for Trekstock, raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust through organising music events. Its a great organisation, and we were happy to provide what support we could through building their digital presence with the design skills of Maek.

Have a look at the site, and do what you can to help out.

Day 8 in the Big Brother Hoose

I’ve recently started working with Big Brother production company, Endemol. They do, of course, make much much more than just Big Brother, in fact, I’d be surprised if you haven’t at some point watched one of their shows. You may ask why someone digital would want to go work in television – the answer is simple – Endemol aren’t a television production company, but a content producer, and are already working with a number of innovative new formats and concepts in interacting with content, so this is a really interesting opportunity. We all love and want great content, whether it be on the gogglebox or internets, and Endemol are perfectly positioned to help television evolve in the right direction.

I’ve started blogging over at turnofftuneon.wordpress.com to get internal and external discussion around new formats and models in the digital content space, you can follow that if you’d like. I’m going to separate out work to that blog, general technology to over at http://yarned.co.uk and more personally interesting stuff here.

Here’s some more Clay which I just posted over at that blog.